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District of Dystopia


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Levrikon Jucifer's take on DC hardcore, mixed with '90s Scandinavian black metal. Intentionally underproduced, it sounds like it was recorded in a cardboard box, just a blur of mangled riffs, sore-throat yelps, and stuttering drums. Killer if you just want a blast of pure ugliness. Favorite track: It Cant Be Helped.
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nidefatt Jucifer is a band full of opinions. They think America's government sucks, for instance, but perhaps not for the same reasons you do. To explore that hatred, the duo coopted the sound of the DC punks, and brutalized it. This album is what you want to listen to when you feel like society is so sick you're ready to see it bomb itself to death. Cheers.
Jay Lane
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Jay Lane Harsh vocals, hazy riffage and deliberately shitty production make this album Jucifer's ugliest and most brutal output to date. Given the subject matter of this "themed" album, the irony is not lost on me. It's a slight, but welcome departure from their art metal days of yore and more significantly, it is effective. Cheers to Amber and Ed for yet another great album that I'm sure will sound even better in a "live" setting. Favorite track: Non Gratum Anus Rodentum.
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served your flag now you're fragged sent home inside a bag all of the christ in you deafened by sides of view til you feel it crack let's get the rats out let's get the rats out let's get the rats out fire let's get the rats out let's get the rats out let's get the rats out crawl now let's get the rats out let's get the rats out let's get the rats out toxic diplomacy let's get the rats out get the fuckin rats out let's get the rats out pigs might fly when does the world shut down does the world stop when does the world shut down for the world shut down waiting to fly waiting to fry you're fragged no time to play you're the dead on display
drive out the old and the children take them, the orphaned, the young gouge out the lives of the righteous name them informants and spies drive out the mothers, the fathers take them, the hopeful, the loved tell them "shikata ga nai" cage innocents in barbed wire fucking fences we wash these wounds with salt and lye tear down the shacks with runes write spells to redact what we've seen with our own eyes shikata ga nai carve out new meanings for justice citizens' process abridged remedy race fear with prisons dress up the reasons with lies carve out the lives of your people those you've been sworn to defend give them no answer that's valid turn immigrants to stateless refugees we hold these truths to be untrue just shred the evidence we do what we must do wash these wounds wear this scar go on, feign ignorance go on, rewrite the darkness go on, feign tolerance go on, we write the story why? never mind patriots never ask these questions go on, claim safety go on, inhuman beings go on, stain liberty it can't be helped
Narcissist 03:04
narcissist savior narcissist come to give aid save you from a savage fate now you will be pleased to assimilate come, we will show the way you were lost and now we've found to suppress your resistance we are duty bound come, we have meant no harm soon enough you'll be disarmed now you're ours submit cede ours to keep starve out bleed friend! what you fighting for? give up we got guns give up you need direction give up we're your friend give up reconcentration give up it's in your best interest you won't survive freedom is occupation is freedom is occupation you won't survive narcissistic savior
Red Summer 02:56
dust off the lens of duration men showed their worth can't deny served in the trench for this nation given no honor, swing high justice! justice! cowards justice! justice! time crush them! crush them! crush them cure these ills in kind rush to avenge false transgressions accept the worst deep inside flood to dispense blind aggressions murder will knock out the light of right get them! get them! get them! war on these lost now to hate get them! fire from the rooftops now there's no more time to wait paranoid posses ride torches lit burn in their eyes life burning away eyes turning away marching back home to begin again marred from the fight outrageous plight: returned from fighting, return to fight returned from fighting return to fight return to fight ash forgot as dust swept in time to trust but mute these dead who speak and meet them while we sleep
Ratified 02:19
fled sovereign rule for foreign shores trailed over seas by kingdom wars blindside your succor from tribes here before infect our blankets 'civilize' clothe us in homicide treaties signed show veneers of white hubris lines every page with blight sufferers lands bought on full displacement parsed as kind strange view of independence our people wrecked as you contrived signed with x ratified genocide ratified genocide ratified genocide our lands reduced to white men's smallest mercy our hands induced to relinquish in english marks signed with x signed with x signed with x ratified
side other side time just bide fine line described side other side ride out never knowing doubt ride hard rush to lead the charge ride out keep the enemy close ride high never renege on a boast lead, mislead preach false creed need newsfeed lede, mislead ride long beat the glory gong right wrong keep the narrative strong ride fast cut the lines you cast ride last photoshopping the past stand with the lies that you hide from the soldiers smile in the smoke gusting forth to conceal you float in the gas that you sold to insurgents deal from a deck drenched in blood of innocents stand in the light of the damned and the blight smile and condemn what you wrought by short sight maintain illusions false reasons to fight smile and be damned as you stand in the light smoke billows out like a gift from a sadist light in the sky writes them out of existence light in the sky writes them out of existence
WarStartDemo 02:08
war starts at home war starts at home die from the hand up die with the aid you sent to your enemy arm the allies until they turn your own weapons against you kill write the treaties kill impose sanctions against your own tactics arm the allies fire hypocrisy from all chambers war starts at home war starts at home you create your people's death war starts at home war starts at home line your pockets well gorge on little nations' hell with a righteous appetite brandish noble purpose "we're dispensing justice; this is just the process" lie, for the masses have short memories sigh, when your public face requires it always pick a side and never reason why you're not a terrorist if you're sure you're right and if you change your mind it's simple to change sides it's only money spent
Justice 01:56
hide jaws of law cut to the mountains, to the forest, to the swampland, to the cavern to the mountains, to the forest, to the northland, to the underground dying with no rights to justice to life call dying for justice hide with the lights out ride after nightfall hide with the lights out ride after nightfall freedom arbitrary accusation sufficient proof hoods rise up the specter of death set hellhounds to your trail ghastly hordes pursue you brandishing this law like scythes cut away your rights reapers reave your very soul justice double crosses itself to economy hoods rise up the specter of death hollow skulls chatter gibbons of greed they steal your life justice denied they steal your life justice denied they steal your life justice denied
The following lyrics are comprised entirely of quotes from George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four: the object of persecution, is persecution the object of torture, is torture the object of power, is power the object of power is power war is peace freedom is slavery ignorance, strength war is peace he who controls the past controls the future who controls the present, controls the past war is peace freedom is slavery ignorance, strength war is peace power is not a means, it is an end the object of power is power power is not a means, it is an end the object of power is power if you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself


gatefold digipak CD version from nomadic fortress available at jucifer.net
LP version released 2015, order from alternativetentacles.com


released December 5, 2014


all rights reserved




27 years of annihilating ears and insides with their famous wall of speakers.

notoriously nomadic, live in their tourbus.

brutal onstage.

eclectic on record.

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